How Lit Is This?


Catchy, relatable, and original, Novel Hooly the Goat (NHTG) is an artist with a distinct style. A style pegged by the adaptive rapper as “hooligan”. While he hails as a native from Harlem, where an already established sound exists, Hooly is paving a way with his own unique delivery that is true to him. His new release video, “LitBoi”, boasts smooth transitions from his various cadence switches that creates a dynamic flow to the song. “Litboi” showcases a lifestyle where it emphasizes a “live your life” and “stay true to yourself” mentality in a way thats relatable to a variety of audiences. With the debut of this video, we can be sure that this isn’t the last we’ve seen of NHTG. Click this link to listen to more Hooly Music: https://soundcloud.com/hooly-corp Be sure to subscribe to Hooly TV Check out more of Hooly here: https://www.instagram.com/novelhoolyt… https://www.facebook.com/hooly.hooly.18 Shot and edited by: RMJ Media http://rmjmedia.com/ Hooly is a movement based off of individuality that spans beyond what society deems acceptable. It is a belief that your mentality cannot be judged by anyone elses opinion. To create your lane and follow it no matter what. To be hooly is to be you. To be everything. Hooly everything and anything or nothing at all.

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