Kaitlyn Morell

April 22, 2019
Kaitlyn Morell
Real Hot Records/Futurebigstars Entertainment LLC
Producer: Mark Pain WIlson
Number of discs: 01

Kaitlyn Morell (born Feb 10th 1991) is an American Singer, Songwriter, Model and Entrepreneur. Born and Raised in the small town of Ludlow, Massachusetts. Kaitlyn began singing a very young age of 4yrs old. She took inspiration from Motown Classic Singers and other well known R&B Artists, and developed a unique power voice and classic sound. Along with her music Kaitlyn added modeling to her resume; she walked and performed on the runways amongst NYC couture fashion week, Brooklyn Fashion week and more.

Kaitlyn has overcome many unique challenges at a very young age. These experiences have strengthened her resolve, putting pain to purpose and rhythm to blues. Kaitlyn is fresh voice, with an old school flair,She has now crossed paths with Legendary Mogul Mark Pain. Their collaboration is a rising synergy unmatched before. Kaitlyn is poised to be a preeminent artist of our time.

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