Certified Gold And The Secret Weapon Mark Pain Wilson

First and foremost we would like to congratulate Mark Wilson for receiving the illustrious RIAA certified Gold Record Award for all of his hard work in the music industry. The award came as a surprise as Mark was not expecting this to just pop up via Fedex. The long time music veteran has been working very hard to keep the hip hop culture alive by releasing several EP’s back to back. The music producer slash mentor has been doing all he could to keep the culture from loosing it’s true identity and sound. This is not a battle of that many choose to fight as there have been new mellenials who states that the original sound of hip hop is no more or is no longer relevant to popular music. Mark has been keeping his ground and carefully choosing the hottest songs and production relevant to keeping the culture and sound popping. There will be many who will criticize his work and suggest that he switch up his style to fit the format of today’s music, but as a true creator of the style of Hip Hop and understanding being different he never gave in to those ideas or demons who wish for the sound of true hip hop to diminish. Having been a ghost writer and raised around true pioneers of the hip hop culture he has vowed to educate the up and coming rap artist who do not understand the culture. Winning this award solidify’s Mark as one of the greats who have kept it in its original form and have done it and truly out of love for those that will come before and after him. Congrats once again Mark for being awarded the RIAA Gold Record Plaque and all of your hard work with the Legendary Bell Biv Devoe. You will truly go down in history as one of the greats !!

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